As the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta is the melting pot for people from various cultural and ethnical backgrounds interconnecting with one another as they dwell in daily social and economical lives. Jakarta is also proud to have some of the historical remnants from the past, one which remains iconic to this present day is the National Monument (MONAS). The myriad cultural and ethnical factors combined with sense of celebration and the spirit of sportsmanship are represented in Jakarta Marathon that will become a well-reputed sporting event with class equal to Asia and the world.

In October 27, 2013, the 1st Edition of Jakarta Marathon was first ever held in Jakarta, Indonesia. 10.000 runners from 4 race categories were participating on this very first festive event.

And now, to repeat the successful 1st Edition, the 2nd Edition will be held in October 26, 2014 and will be showing Jakarta’s uniqueness, beauty, diversity, iconic and modern landmarks such as National Monument or better known as MONAS, Istiqlal Mosque, Cathedral Church, and other iconic landmarks that you can enjoy along the certified race course.

Marathon and Half Marathon runners also get to soak up the festive atmosphere as they run and be mesmerized by the heritage of Jakarta Old City. While the 10K will get to see the most beautiful buildings from Jakarta’s own central business district.

Mandiri Jakarta Marathon 2014 will have its Start & Finish point at National Monument (MONAS) with 3 race categories; Marathon 42.195 km, Half Marathon 21.0975 km and 10 km.

Full Marathon and Half Marathon flag-off will be at 05:00 a.m.; 10K flag-off will be at 05:30 a.m.; 5K will be at 05:45 a.m.

Mandiri  Jakarta Marathon will also still having Maratoonz (Children’s Sprint) with 1.3 km distance, that offers aspiring little runners the chance to experience the Marathon. Start time for Maratoonz will be at 08:00 AM.

Festival City Marathon

Celebrating its 487th Anniversary, Mandiri Jakarta Marathon will be enlivened with Festival and Live Music Performances showcasing amazing festivals in the country from Ondel-Ondel, Hadroh Betawi. Traditional Music will be performed by Jakarta own Gambang Kromong and Tanjidor, Bamboo Music Festival from Minahasa, and others.


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