1.     Ministry of Tourism of Republic of Indonesia

Ministry of Tourism is a ministry within Indonesian Government which is in charge of tourism ministered by a minister of Tourism, which since 2014  is held by Arief Yahya. This government body is internationally more known as “Wonderful Indonesia”

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2.     Provincial Government of Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. Jakarta is located on the northwest of Java island. Jakarta is divided into six areas which are: north Jakarta, South Jakarta, Central Jakarta, West Jakarta, East Jakarta, and Thousand islands.  Based on Trip Advisor, Jakarta is a main option for travel destination in Asia region. In fact, United Nation also claims that Jakarta is a city with highest tolerance city in the world. Currently Jakarta is led by Mr. Joko Widodo as the Governor who acts as the co-founder of Jakarta Marathon. For further information please visit



1.     PT Inspiro Mega Impresario (INSPIRO)

Inspiro is a company that operates in the field of promotor participating in the birth of Jakarta Marathon since the beginning.  Inspiro’s activities include promoting music concert of International as well as local group/band, and also bringing in Internationally famous soccer clubs, or even International public figures / celebrities. President Director of INSPIRO, Ndang Mawardi, who is also Co-Founder of Jakarta Marathon. For further information please visit



Association of Athletic of Indonesia

Association of Athletic of Indonesia is an organisation which manages activities of athletic sport in Indonesia. This 60 year old organisation is established in Indonesia. As the main athletic organisation in Indonesia, this association is controlled by four chairmen since 1982 until now, the whole  provincial committee entrusts the chairman title to Mohamad “Bob” Hasan which makes him the longest serving chairman. For more information please visit:

Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO)

This organisation is a part of Edition Philipe Amaury (EPA), an organisation which organises sport events, including Tour De France and Marathon de Paris. Currently ASO is chaired by Jean- Etirnne Amaury, the son of founder of EPA Philippe Amaury. ASO is chosen and appointed by INSPIRO for developing and perfecting the implementation of Jakarta Marathon every year so that Jakarta Marathon can be included into World Marathon Major across the world. For more information, please visit


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