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I am an entrepreneur who loves to run. I learned so many skills through my running journey to be a better runner. I have been running marathon since 2013 and still continuing to improve my time.

Race Experience

12 Full Marathons Finisher

Rotterdam Marathon 2022 – 3:01

 Jakarta Marathon 2019 – 3:34

London Marathon 2019 – 3:19

Jakarta Marathon 2018 – 3:30

Jakarta Marathon 2017 – 4:38

Kyoto Marathon 2017 – 3:38

 Berlin Marathon 2016 – 3:45

 Jakarta Marathon 2015 – 3:52

 Tokyo Marathon 2015 – 3:51

 Jakarta Marathon 2014 – 5:06

Singapore Standard Charter Marathon 2013 – 4:52

Jakarta Marathon 2013 – 5:19

Half Marathon PB

 BFI Run 2022 – 1:2

In 2000 my weight was 84kg, and I realized that I was very fat, especially since I was only 165cm tall. I decided to start losing weight, for 3 months I watched my diet and my scale finally dropped 71kg. But how come the body becomes flabby and a lot of skin more. Then I was told that it must be balanced with exercise. At that time I decided to start running and the gym, slowly, finally my weight dropped to 68kg. And I keep my weight steady by running 1-2x/week for 60-90 minutes.

In 2012 for the first time I was invited to join the 10K competition, I managed to finish in under 60 minutes, it was fun to join the running competition, especially since I already have a little background. So in 2013 he decided to take part in the marathon for the first time in Jakarta and finished with a time of 5 hours 19 minutes. It turned out to be very difficult to run a marathon especially at that time my knowledge of long-distance running was very minimal. In 2014 when I failed to finish the marathon at Sundown Singapore, I thought that maybe running this marathon was not for me. But then I got the chance to run in Tokyo in 2015, at that time my goal was to be able to run the 42K without walking like the previous race.” I started reading more and looking for training programs to prepare for Tokyo. And finally my goal was achieved, running nonstop as far as 42K plus a bonus time of sub 4, 3 hours 51 minutes.

My marathon journey just started after Tokyo, since then I plan to run 2 marathons in a year and try to improve my time with the dream of one day being qualified to run in Boston. In 2019 I ran the London Marathon with a time of 3 hours 19 minutes. My time improvement progress is quite slow because I have never used a coach. Everything I’ve learned about running is mostly through the internet or through people I’ve met who have provided helpful tips. But I feel stuck and couldn’t get any better. In 2020 I finally started using a coach to help me pursue the Boston Qualification. Unfortunately in 2020 all events were canceled due to the covid pandemic, finally I continued to practice during the pandemic and in 2022 all my training efforts paid off. I finished the Rotterdam Marathon with a time of 3 hours 1 minute and I qualified for Boston 2023.

During my training, many friends “asked about how to run properly and the program” ran in preparation for a marathon, and I was happy to tell friends “what I had learned. Until finally some asked me to train them, at first I was hesitant but finally I got up the courage and it turned out that by giving my own coaching I was able to learn a lot more. And what I’m sure is very happy to be able to help friends “to be able to run better.

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